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No Grid lines are required, only a Handheld GPS.
No exploration permit is required.
Several transmitters can be viewed on one profile.
Data can be split into individual TX stations for presentation.
VLF data can be modeled at different resistivities
Several VLF lines can be combined and viewed as plan maps showing topography, Fraser, K-H and modeled responses.
Grid data can be viewed in 3D using the latest software update.
Software corrects for topographical effects.
Surface conductivity can be interpreted easily.
Surface Geology can be added to profiles
Drill sections can be plotted on the K-H and modeled profiles.
Your historical VLF data can be processed using this software
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Our VLF Software.

VLF2DMF is a software package that has been developed in order to enable the processing and inversion of electromagnetic (EM) induction data acquired at Very Low Frequency (VLF).
VLF2DMF is capable of inverting VLF-EM data acquired along a survey line (i.e transect) at different frequencies. Data collected in a survey area can also be processed but not inverted as a set. The input data is the real and imaginary parts of the tipper (or the tilt angle and the ellipticity), also designed as in phase and quadrature components as measured by VLF-EM instruments. The package includes a Map Module that allows the display of the survey, the selection of profiles for inversion and displays the survey results. The program can also be used in modelling studies. The user can build a complex resistivity model and calculate its VLF-EM response

Sandra Breccia (New Discovery)

Snip GoldĀ Mary Anne Gold
(New discovery)

Iamgold Cote Lake VLF- IP Test

Wall Bridge Mining Parkin
Offset Deposit VLF Test Survey