Highway Geology Tours

For the last few years we have checked out some rather interesting features including but not limited to pillow lavas, flow lavas, copper veins, amygdaloidal basalts and a series of other unique formations. We begin our journey at the Chippewa Falls in Batchawana Bay and end at Alona Bay Beach off Highway 17, near Montreal River Harbour.

This trip is approximately 4 hours in length.

Cost: $80.00/person.


Geology of the Batchawana Area

We start in Batchawana Bay at the Chippewa Falls then head north to check out the old Coppercorp Mine and many of the old copper showings. We then visit the Tribag minesite and finish our tour at several smaller old showings.

This trip is approximately 5 hours in length.

Cost: $140.00/person.