Advanced Ice Course

Upon completion of this course you will have gained the skills, concepts and experience necessary to lead a single or multi-pitch ice climb up to grade 3 in difficulty.

Practical Skills Learned During This Course

  • How to plan your lead, route selection, and selection of gear and equipment.
  • Quick energy saving techniques for placement of ice protection, clipping, cleaning and racking.
  • Technique of Single vs. Double rope.
  • Lead climbing of a grade 3 ice climb with a top-rope safety.
  • Basic self-belay while rappelling and basic rescue, and tie-off of leader and seconder.

Essential Information

Group Size: 2 Participants

Course Length: 2 Days, 1 Evening.

Location: Orient Bay - Batchawana Area or Other

Prerequisites: Intermediate Ice or equivalent.

Personal & Technical Equipment: See Lists.

Theoretical Skills Learned During This Course

  • Understanding the principles of lead climbing.
  • Planning and ice climb as a lead climber. Partner selection route selection and safety considerations.