General Info


We have the highest and most accessible ice in the MID-CONTINENT. Our beginners wall is a 20 minute drive and a 10 minute snowshoe
Our Multi-Pitch Ice climbs range from 2 pitches to 5 pitches and are comparable to other ice climbs at locations such as Quebec, New York, Colorado.
Not only are you climbing on awesome ice, but you are being instructed by the most experienced ICE CLIMBER in Ontario.

Our Philosophy
Our courses are set in an environment of teaching, which generates an atmosphere of trust and relaxation, from passive enjoyment to active decision making.

Registration and Payment Schedule
All participants must fill out a registration form and pay for course in advance via our paypal link on main page

Cancellation Policy
We require full payment of the course in advance to hold your reservation.
  • If cancellation is more than ten days in advance: 75% Refund.
  • If cancellation is five days in advance: 50% Refund.
  • If cancellation is less than five days: No Refund.
If weather or transport does not allow you to arrive at our office for the course, we reserve the right to reschedule your class, as well as hold your deposit.

Course Information

  • All courses begin at 9:00am in Batchawana Bay on the date stated unless delayed by weather or access problems. We meet at a predetermined site, usually at our office to get GEAR.
  • Be prepared for a unique winter adventure and dress appropriately.
  • Participants that show up for the course dressed improperly will not be allowed to participate, and will not receive a refund!
  • Check out the equipment list provided (link in navigation on right). If there are any questions, please call us.
  • All (technical) gear is supplied for our courses.
  • Food and accommodations are the responsibility of the participant. 
  • For ICE DAY and ICE 2 and INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED students we recommend that you stay at our ICE CLIMBERS CHALET.
  • Participants are responsible for their own transportation to the office or to the rendezvous point for the courses.

About Our Location

Our office is located at Batchawana Bay. Located 35 minutes north of Sault Ste. Marie on the Chippewa River in Batchawana Bay. We sell Guidebooks to "Lake Superior" rock and ice and have a wide assortment of maps, and Climbing-BETA! As well, we offer a Gear Rental program. The surrounding area is excellent for hiking, sea-kayaking, and mountain biking so consider bringing them with you.


We have a Bed & Breakfast near Mile 38 Road in Batchawana Bay. Located 35 minutes north of Sault Ste. Marie. Our office and "BIVI" lounge overlook the Chippewa River at Lake Superior. We have a wide range of "Climbing and Mountaineering" journals and magazines with articles on the local ice climbs, as well as rock and Ice Climbing Guidebooks.
Cost is $30.00/Canadian/Night.

Guidebooks & Gear Rental

We sell Guidebooks to Lake Superior ice and have a wide assortment of maps and Climbing - BETA! As well, we offer a Gear Rental program for past students. The surrounding area is excellent for snow shoeing and skiing, so consider bringing them with you. From our location we have easy access to over 650 ice climbs in the Batchawana and Agawa Canyon areas.

Snowmachine Transportation
We have 2 snowmachines and a sled. We access the far away hidden climbs by snowmachine.
Can take a maximum of 3. A service fee applies if snowmachines are used.