Ice 2 Course

With the completion of this course you will gain the skills and understand the concepts required to ice climb safely in a top-roped environment. You will be capable of setting up a sling-shot top-belay system with climbers of equal or greater ability.

Practical Skills Learned Durinng This Course

  • A review of skills learned in Ice Day.
  • Techniques required to ascend, traverse and descend steep ice safely and quickly.
  • How to establish and monitor a sling-shot top-rope system.
  • Introduction to ice climbing protection.

Essential Information

Group Size: 6 Participants, Minimum of 4.

Course Length: 1 Day.

Location: Batchawana Bay - Mile 38 Road or Searchmont Icewall

Prerequisites: An Ice Day or equivalent.

Personal & Technical Equipment: See Technical Equipment Page

Theoretical Skills Learned During This Course

  • What are sling-shot top-rope systems and how to they relate to the sport of ice climbing.
  • Safety Considerations in ice climbing and the recognition of subjective and objective hazards.