Winter 2020
Special Programs

Agawa Canyon via the ACR TRAIN - ON HOLD "NO TRAIN ACCESS"

Agawa Canyon- Climb the Classics

This adventure is Available in 2020 by SNOWMACHINE- Maximum of 2 Persons- Call for pricing.

Accommodation is in a Prospectors tent with bunkbeds for 3, oil heater, generator and lights.



23rd Annual Agawa Canyon Ice Climbers Reunion -ON HOLD (NO TRAIN)

The Agawa Canyon hosts over 56 ice climbs, some more than 200 meters in height. The canyon can also have over 3 meters of snow in March. Join us as we take the train from Sault Ste. Marie  to Mile 112 for a weekend of ice and frolic. We camp in a group setting and spend the days snowshoeing, exploring and climbing.
Date: March 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 2020.


2020 Montreal River / Batchawana Area / Mile 38 Road / Cerro De Hielo


Montreal River - Climb the Classics - 3 Days

We visit Montreal River and climb the classic routes there over a three day period. Routes are all multi pitch!

Maximum of 2  Cost $750.00/Person


Montreal River - Batchawana - First Ascent Expedition - 3 Days

We take you out to some of the areas we are developing and we ascend several new virgin icefalls. Routes chosen are based on the experience level of the clients. We travel daily by snowmachine.

Maximum of 2 Cost $600.00/Person

 Montreal River/Batchawana - Intermediate Ice (Special) - 3 Days

This is the normal 2 day intermediate course but we add an extra day for a multi pitch climb.. 1 day on single pitch, second day on multi pitch. 

Maximum of 2 Cost $800.00/Person

South Bay Advanced Ice (Special) - 3 Days

This is the normal 2 day Advanced course but we add an extra day for a First Ascent. It is our hopes that the client gets to do the leading on the first ascent.
Travel is by snowmachine for 1 Day.

Maximum of 2 Cost $900.00/Person

Cerro De Hielo (Mountain of Ice) Expedition - 2 Days

We head to this awesome site by snowmachine from our office  and climb classic routes  of various levels of difficulty depending on clients ability.

Maximum of 2  Cost $500.00/Person

Winter Adventure Weekend - 2 Days

Join us for a two weekend days of adventure activities including Snowshoeing, Map & Compass, G.P.S. Navigation and Ice Climbing. Activities will include both theoretical and practical sessions, and will take place near Batchawana Bay on Lake Superior. A great trip for your group of adventurers.

Ascent of Stratosphere (Highest Climb in the Mid-Continent) - 2 Day trip

5th to the 10th Ascent offered in 2020
We spend the first day doing a review of Intermediate Ice, and then on the second day we Ascend the highest Ice climb in the Midwest. This route has only been climbed three times since January 2004. At 775 feet high it offers one the excitement of a semi alpine mountain feel. Offered in February until mid March.

Maximum of 2 $650.00/Person

Snowmachine Exploratory Expedition - 3 Days

We will pack up two snowmachines and head out to explore and climb in our most secretive area. This is a serious Snowmachine expedition where anything is possible from a 600 foot new route to a broken down snowmachine. We camp out on this trip or stay at one of our secret hideways. Along with we take our satellite phone just in case! Clients wont know where we are heading until we are in our loading our snowmobiles and our gear!!

Maximum of 2 $ 600.00/Person

Ice Climbing Rescue Course - 2 Days

This two day course teaches you how to rescue a fallen lead climber, as well as an injured belayer and second. The two-day course is held on the site of one of the local iceclimb in the Batchawana Bay Area. It is a hands on course, requiring participants to have at least a solid background in belaying and leading to a grade 3 level. This course is recommended for climbing partners wanting knowledge of quick recovery of an injured partner.

Maximum of 2  Cost $600.00/Person


Scarpa De Hielo Expedition- 3 Days

We head north to Terrace Bay, Ontario- 5 hours north of Batchawana Bay. From a hotel we climb a new area which we first discovered in 2000, but claimed the first ascent in 2017. This route is 150 meters wide and 100 meters in height. A short 15 minute snowshoe from the vehicle.

Maximum of 2 Cost $600.00/Person + Expenses


Agawa Canyon Shuttle Service

We offer an Agawa Canyon Shuttle Service from the Frater Road Snowmachine Staging Area. We use 2 snowmachines and this is offered to a maximum of 4 persons. This is a 1.5 to 2 hour one way trip to the Tracks at Mile 110.5

Cost: $250.00 /Person