Rock 1 Course

Student Outline of Course Content

This course will introduce you to the sport of rock climbing. You will have, by the end of this course, learned the basics of bouldering, slingshot top-roping and lowering.

Practical Skills Learned During This Course

  • How to recognize hand and footholds, the use of basic body movements in order to traverse, and how to ascend and descend a rock face and crack.
  • The tying of two basic knots used in the TOP-ROPE climbing.
  • How to belay properly using a mechanical belay device, and the proper belayer-climber signals.
  • How to lower a climber safely, and properly using a mechanical rappel device while belaying from below.

Theoretical Skills Learned During This Course

  • What is bouldering and slingshot top roping and how it relates to the sport of rock climbing.
  • The history and development of the Ranwick Rock K-10 climbing sites and their significance on the regional rock climbing scene.
  • The correct care and use of climbing equipment used in slingshot top rope climbing.
  • Safety aspects and their application to bouldering, top roping, and rappelling.

Group Size (Group discounts available): 6 Maximum - 2 Minimum.

Course Length: 1 Day

Place: River Bend Rock - Mile 38 Road

Reference: Climbers Guide to River Bend Rock